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“Our College Print Center and departmental printer/MFP fleet requires equipment that is always running. Keeping up with our day to day faculty and student demand requires an in-depth knowledge of the technology that is constantly changing. The vendors who call on us to sell equipment unfortunately present opposing solutions held by their bias in favor of the products that they sell. The Client Advantage Group customized an RFP that cut through the confusion and directed us to substantial cost reductions while identifying the best technology solutions - supported by  vendor performance standards beyond those we knew were even possible.  We are very satisfied with the results they produce.”

Jenny Akins
Purchasing Supervisor
Palomar Community College

Too often an organizations core competency suffers from distractions not related to their core business. For organizations large and small Client Advantage Group offers our core competency methodology resulting in millions of dollars of savings while instilling practices and strategies that do not create diversions from what your organization does best. Unlike copier – printer – MPS – desktop printer vendors Client Advantage Group is not a seller of equipment, nor are we a middleman that makes a commission by reselling vendors equipment or services.

Our Mission is using our knowledge and expertise to secure the best vendor agreements needed to improve your document processes, administrative efficiency, use of the correct technology and return needlessly spent dollars to your bottom line. The starting point is for Client Advantage Group to measure your current situation against our industry benchmark model for desired results. We collect and analyze data, identify strengths, and make recommendations for improvement based on quantifiable & qualitative results for your organizations unique requirements.


In-house contract negotiation


We approach every engagement with our goal to improve performance, protect your interests, and increase your bottom line while ensuring exceptional quality. Your entire operation benefits from our unique approach and “big picture” analysis.

We define the better way to do it.

We provide you with a participatory process based on knowledgeable analysis that provides cost/benefit comparisons for each agreed upon component of the RFP.  

Our Clients have the security of knowing that the latest and best suited technology, equipment and support programs for their needs are covered in precise detail for each qualified vendor to participate in a fair RFP/Bid process. The vendors have come to know and respect our processes. Virtually all vendors greatly appreciate the direct approach we provide which offers them the opportunity to compete for our client’s business.


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