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Recognizing that many corporations, public schools and higher education institutions had budget problems brought on by unfavorable service and equipment contracts acquired through vendor driven sales processes, David Tanner, Founder of the Client Advantage Group leveraged his 15 years of industry experience by creating a unique organization focused on vendor neutral objective analysis of equipment, support services, and technology needed to protect end user interests.

Since the founding of Client Advantage Group

“While our expertise involves finance it is in the area of investment finance… Client Advantage Group understands the copier and printer industry better than we ever will. Letting them do what they do while we focused on our core business proved to be a very wise decision which resulted in dramatic savings of our copier and printer expense. They are concise, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

James Pierik
Vice President
Financial Planning Consultants
David and his staff of industry experts have brought millions of dollars in savings to his clients. The business is built on his philosophy to build client loyalty from a non-contingency consulting based model in which clients only pay for services that deliver actual quantifiable savings as a result of his services.
In other words: “No Savings – No Fee”

The Client Advantage Group model of success is driven by client trust, intellectual capital, concise communication and timely delivery of all services offered.

The Digital Copier, MFP and desktop printer industry is known for its strategic selling practices designed to drive a customer to upgrade services and equipment. This coupled with many vendor driven lease programs and support services which include multiple variations from each vendor leaves the customer in a confused and ineffective position for making informed decisions. I have always believed that a firm designed to inform and empower the customer with expertise in technology, best practices for service performance and pricing benchmarks is desperately needed to protect the customer’s interests.

– David Tanner


David’s leadership of Client Advantage Group
offers broad based knowledge and guidance to his team of experts within various vertical markets. Each of the Client Advantage Group clients interact with these team professionals who understand the specific technology and industry challenges confronting their specific industry. Our clients benefit from concise, time conscious and accurate delivery of each project that is guaranteed to translate cost directly into profits and improve vendor performance.
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